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Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

“World Anaesthesia Day Observed” at BKMC-MTI

Swabi: BKMC-MTI observed “World Anaesthesia Day 2023” with the theme, “Anaesthesia and cancer care.”

World Anaesthesia Day is observed on October 16 every year. The day strives to raise awareness about the importance of anaesthesia in medical treatments.

To mark this occasion, an awareness walk was organized by the Anaesthesia Department of BKMC-MTI. Alongside the department’s staff, the event saw participation from the hospital director, the medical director, the associate dean, administrative officers, and students from GKMC-MTI. The event highlighted the collective responsibility of ensuring patient safety.

This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the crucial role of anaesthesia in medical treatments and also serves as a platform for anaesthesia providers worldwide to celebrate their profession.”