Bacha Khan Medical Complex MTI-Swabi

Attached Teaching Hospital of
Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Newly formed Board of Governors Meeting Held at MTI Swabi.

Swabi: The newly formed Board of Governors of Bacha Khan Medical Complex and Gajju Khan Medical College (GKMC/BKMC-MTI), Swabi convened its inaugural and overall 17th meeting today at the College conference room. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ejaz Hassan Khan. The Board of Governors comprised esteemed members such as Prof. Muhammad Ishaq Khattak, Prof. Sajjad Muhammad Khan, Prof. Dr. Noor Jehan, Dr. Iqbal Begum, Mr. Arbab Sher Bahadur, and Mr. Muhammad Irfan.

The GKMC/BKMC-MTI management welcomed the new Board of Governors (BOG), which includes Dean/CEO Prof. Dr. Shams-Ur-Rehman, Hospital Director Dr. Amjad Mahboob, Medical Director Prof. Dr. Shahid Nisar Khalid, Nursing Director Mr. Mehran Khan, and Director of Finance Mr. Akhtar Zeb.

The Board appreciated the efforts of the former BOG in improving health facilities for patients and commended the ongoing initiatives and existing facilities.

The newly formed BOG members assured their commitment to enhancing and expanding treatment facilities to ensure better care for the patients at BKMC.

Chairman Board of Governors, Dr. Ejaz Hassan Khan, reviewed the performance of the previous board and acknowledged the efforts made to improve healthcare facilities. The new BOG members assured the board’s cooperation in promptly addressing the financial and administrative challenges faced by the hospital and college.