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Swabi: A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the KP Higher Education Department and MTI Swabi thalassemia center regarding the blood donation drive and hygiene awareness activities in all public sector boys and girls colleges of KP and universities as well.

The MOU signing ceremony was held in the directorate of the higher education department. The purpose of the MOU is to conduct blood donation camps and Hygiene awareness activities periodically within the premises of all Public Sector Boys and Girls colleges and Universities where students will voluntarily participate by donating their blood to the thalassemia Centre.

The ceremony was attended by KP minister for higher education Kamran khan Bangash, secretary HED Mr. Dawood Khan, Assistant commissioner Chota Lahor Labeeka Akram, and Additional hospital director THO Chota Lahor Dr. Hamid Ali Yousafzai.

According to MOU, HED will facilitate the activities of the Swabi thalassemia Centre in the government colleges and universities allowing the Swabi thalassemia Centre to conduct blood donation camps and thalassemia awareness sessions and seminars. Dr. Hamid Ali from MTI Swabi and Mr. Khurshid Ahmad director higher education department signed MOU while representing their respective institutes.

It is worth mentioning that Ms. Labeeka Akram AC Chota Lahor, BOG MTI Swabi, and MTI Swabi Management played an important role to established and functional the Centre for those suffering from thalassemia.

While talking on the occasion minister HED said, that the department will support the administration and management everywhere in the province in conducting blood drives and campaigns. The provincial minister said that HED will promote, support, facilitate and encourage the activities across the province.

According to the spokesperson, the Swabi thalassemia center was established in Tehsil hospital Chota Lahor Swabi, and more than 100 patients registered so far with the Centre. Until now more than 100 blood transfusions are done successfully. MTI Swabi is providing free-of-cost treatment to Swabi thalassemia Centre, Spokesperson Added.