Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi

Attached Teaching Hospital of
Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Information systems and IT  department of GKMC/BKMC-MIT welcome you on official website of BKMC. 

IT/MIS department is currently managing all IT and telecommunication related activities of Gajju Khan Medical College (GKMC), Bacha Khan Medical Complex (BKMC) and both THQ hospitals (Topi and Chota Lahor). 

IT/MIS department is committed to implement and manage IT standards in both GKMC and BKMC. We have started our journey to have state of the art Hospital Information Management System (HMIS) at BKMC and Campus Management System (CMS) at GKMC. 

Additionally, IT/MIS department has successfully subscribed for GOOGLE and MICROSOFT educational and Medical services. New Tier 3 Data Center is in the development stage. 

Syed Wajid Ali Shah

Manager MIS/IT GKMC/BKMC Swabi