Bacha Khan Medical Complex MTI-Swabi

Attached Teaching Hospital of
Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

CHR Certificates awarded

Certificates were awarded today at the GKMC auditorium hall to faculty members who completed the six-month Certificate in Health (CHR) Course.

Dean/CEO Prof. Dr. Shams-Ur-Rehman and Hospital Director Dr. Amjad Mahboob expressed their appreciation and congratulated the 19 successful candidates from GKMC/BKMC-MTI, including Dr. Rehmat Ali, Dr. Inayatullah, Dr. Jawad, Dr. Qasam Nawaz, Dr. Kashmala Javaid, Dr. Amna Tariq, Dr. Jehan Ara, Dr. Asif Iqbal, Dr. Alamgir Khan, Dr. Sajjad, Dr. Amara, Dr. Ibrahim Shuja, Dr. Ahmed Hizar Hayat, and others. The certificates were presented during a ceremony where the Dean and HD acknowledged the dedication and hard work of these faculty members.

Dean/CEO emphasized the positive impact of such courses on both teaching and clinical care at GKMC/BKMC-MTI. He highlighted the importance of continuous learning in enhancing the overall healthcare services provided by the institution. Additionally, the Dean expressed gratitude for the efforts of the organizer, Dr. M. Sajjad, Associate Dean Research at GKMC-MTI, and his team, for his ongoing commitment to organizing and facilitating such valuable courses.