Bacha Khan Medical Complex MTI-Swabi

Attached Teaching Hospital of
Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

"SKMCH and GKMC-MTI agreed to collaborate with each other upon students' introductory visits and internship."

 Swabi: A delegation from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) Peshawar visited Gajju Khan Medical College (GKMC-MTI) with the goal of fostering collaboration in introductory visits and interactions for students. The SKMCH delegation, consisting of the Deputy Director Marketing and Assistant Managers Marketing, engaged in discussions regarding students’ social welfare activities and the Internship program between SKMCH and GKMC-MTI.

The Dean/CEO of GKMC/BKMC-MTI, Prof. Dr. Shams-Ur-Rehman, warmly welcomed the delegation and commended their commitment to promoting learning opportunities and interactions for GKMC-MTI students.

The SKMCH marketing team mentioned that they already have a Goodwill ambassador in each medical college and teaching institute to assist with fundraising and marketing efforts. In this context, GKMC-MTI’s marketing and fundraising Ambassador, Akif (final-year student), was also present and assured the delegation of his commitment to fundraising and marketing activities.

The delegation stated that they would conduct fundraising and marketing activities in collaboration with the Goodwill ambassador, and the management assured the delegation of their full support in this regard.

During the visit, the delegation pledged support for GKMC-MTI students’ introductory visits and internships at SKMCH Peshawar. They also expressed interest in hosting 20-30 students at SKMCH Peshawar on weekends, providing an introductory skill-enhancing experience. If necessary, SKMCH Peshawar will assist students in visiting SKMCH Lahore, aiding with travel arrangements and facilitating interactions.

The Dean/CEO assured them that both GKMC-MTI and SKMCH would collaborate closely and exchange knowledge for the benefit of the students.”.