Bacha Khan Medical Complex MTI-Swabi

Attached Teaching Hospital of
Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Second CEB meeting : Aim to improved health services in BKMC-MTI

Swabi: 2nd clinical executive board meeting chaired by Medical Director Dr. Shahid Nisar Khalid held in the conference room of GKMC-MTI. The agenda was “Clinical Excellence Planning”. The board reviewed the performance and progress of all HODs. In the meeting, it was decided to work more to improve health and patient care. All HODs submitted their progress reports, the board reviewed the performance and progress reports of all HODs. Chairman CEB emphasized all clinical departments develop a plan for clinical excellence, moreover, it was decided to conduct a monthly meeting. Hospital director Dr. Amjad Mahboob briefed the board about infection control and patient flow policy, the policy is in the final stages and soon will be released to all departments, HD added. Dr. Shahid Nisar directed all HODs to develop clinical governance for quality control, and clinical accountability should be insured. In the meeting, it was decided that emergency and trauma protocols should be made for smooth emergency running. All the CEB members appreciated the ICU staff’s efforts for a smooth and well-managed ICU. HD briefed CEB that blood bank capacity problems will be solved soon. Besides the hospital director, the nursing director and all heads of departments attended the meeting.