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Swabi: Like other parts of the province the ‘International Nurses’ Day was observed in Medical Teaching Institute Bacha Khan Medical Complex (BKMC-MTI) on Thursday to mark the contributions of the nurses in the society The International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 annually to highlight the contributions made by nurses in the society.

Director Nursing (DN) Mehran Khan was the chief guest at the Ceremony regarding international Nurses day held in BKMC-MTI. While speaking on the occasion Director of Nursing said Nurses are considered to be the backbone of the health sector. This day was being observed and celebrated to recognize the efforts of Nurses in the Health Care sector. The theme for the international day is titled “A voice to lead, Invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global heath.

Nurses help in bringing new life into the world, care tirelessly for the sick and injured, and sometimes watch the patients. Acknowledge the hard work, long hours, and emotional duress that are part of the life of every nurse on International Nurses Day, DN Added.

ND said that Nurses play a key role in all of our medical institutions, being responsible for the welfare, safety, and recovery of patients. Nurses have an enormous amount of knowledge and many diverse skills they spend years perfecting and developing, all the time working in decidedly tough environments where extreme stress is just a part of the job.

“Whether it was the corona outbreak or other epidemic nurses always played a frontline role with doctors, that’s why nursing flames around the world today, the nursing director added. Referring to Nurse services he said that special attention is being paid to nursing care as well as nursing education in other countries which is helping in better care of patients.

There was also cake cutting ceremony held on world nursing day and paid tribute to nurses who have performed their duties in the nursing sector around the world.

According to the spokesperson of BKMC-MTI, a total of 167 nurses are currently serving in various departments in the hospital, BKMC-MTI is lucky to have nurses here in professional terms and capable of dealing with any kind of emergency. 

At the end of the ceremony, the department of nursing strongly condemned the Nowshehra incident and also organized a symbolic protest walk in favor of the martyred.

The training was also organized by the experts and all the nurses were awarded commendation certificates.